Live Entertainment Line Up at the GateKeeper Restaurant & Lounge

NOVEMBER 21, 2015

Hiedi Letiec:

Music Type: Acoustic/Country

Hiedi’s Bio:
Born in St. Johns, Newfoundland June 19th, 1987, Hiedi had her mind made up about singing when she was just three years old. Her inspiration was the one & only Shania Twain.  She would beg her parents to bring her CD everywhere they went, in the car, visiting family, even to play it while they sat down for dinner,  just so she could hum to it or sing along to one of her favorites.  Hiedi has now gone on to record a 6 song LP in Nashville in 2014, following her CD release party at the OK Corral in Kelowna BC. “When I’m on stage performing & I’m singing my words that have such meaning for me, I look into the crowds eyes and always find myself locked into someone’s eyes for a minute, and I can see in them as they sing along.  They are feeling what I’m feeling, and this song means something to them like it does me, in their own personal way, in their own experience.  It’s so rewarding to connect with people in this way, I am forever grateful.  “Hiedi is looking forward to a future of long travel on the road touring anywhere she can go, countless hours in recording studios and most importantly to her, “connecting with my fans, making music and living my song”.

NOVEMBER 28, 2015

Jordan Dean:

Music type: Acoustic/Country
Official Website:
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Jordan’s Bio:
Drawn by the idea of shifting and shaping lyrics into a song that meanders its way from the listener’s ear straight to their heart, Jordan Dean undoubtedly has a knack for delivering his story in the most honest, creative way possible.  Born in BC, Jordan has settled himself amongst the roots/country world and is fitting in nicely.  Jordan’s relentless dedication to music and writing has landed performances at the Calgary Stampede, Keloha Festival, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Fest as well as opening for many artists including Tim Hicks & Chad Brownlee.